Advocacy & Lobbying

As people of faith across Kentucky, we believe that if we want a city, state, and country that reflects our values, we have to participate thoughtfully in public policy debates. Advocacy can be shown in a variety of ways from being an active voter to speaking with legislators on issues that matter to us. 

2020 General Election

Useful Information


  • All Kentuckians concerned about COVID-19 can request a ballot at 

  • October 9 is the deadline to request your mail-in ballot through

  • Requested ballots won’t get printed and mailed to you until September 15, so don’t worry if it doesn’t arrive right away

  • You should fill out your mail ballot completely, including signing and sealing both envelopes and not removing any flaps.

  • You can mail in your completed ballot or drop it off at a secure drop box in your county or at the county clerk’s office.

  • The deadline to mail in or drop off a completed ballot is November 3, but do it as early as possible.

  • Early in-person voting (for people who didn’t vote by mail) begins October 13 including at least 4 hours on 3 Saturdays leading up to election day.

  • Counties may reduce the number of sites for in-person voting November 3, but there will be at least one countywide site. 

  • Voters who are unable to get photo ID because of COVID-19 will be allowed to vote.

Advocacy and Lobbying

Passing good legislation in our General Assembly and in your hometown opens the door to sustainable energy opportunities in Kentucky. 

What is the difference between advocating and lobbying?

The simplest explanation is lobbying happens when you ask an elected official to vote a certain way on legislation. Advocating is when you are educating officials on specific issues, expressing your opinion on issues, and/or asking for their opinion on a problem.

What does it mean to advocate with compassion?

  • Ask what their positive vision of KY is and try to find commonalities.

  • Learn how and why others do what they do. 

  • Include everyone.  It’s not about us against them.

  • Love ourselves through the process. If you are becoming overcome with anger and bitterness it is time for a break. If we are practicing creation then as a part of that we are caring for ourselves.


How a Bill Becomes a Law

Advocacy 101

Communicating Climate Change (Courtesy of Iowa Interfaith Power and Light)

Lobbying Guide for Kentucky (Courtesy of ACLU of Kentucky) 

Tips for authentic listening


Find your legislators here

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