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Going Green Outreach 

Would your congregation or organization like to start becoming more energy efficient? Are you interested in starting new sustainability initiatives?


Our Going Green Outreach aims to help your organization find a personalized approach to reducing your energy impact. The goal of our outreach is to help your congregation or organization reduce your energy impact by lowering your carbon footprint and shifting to renewable energy. Reducing your congregation or organization’s energy bills will save you money, provide economic stimulus, and reduce the air pollution impacting the communities you are a part of/serve. Examples of assistance include: connecting to funding sources, providing education to staff/clients, and sharing resources. 

This service is provided FOR FREE to congregations in low-income areas and congregations/non-profits that are serving low-income communities. 

Contact us to learn more

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The Louisville Sustainability Council (LSC), through its Do Something Green Program, offers microgrants to support innovative, entrepreneurial projects and programs to plan for the impact of a warmer future on our most vulnerable citizens, while supporting community equity and resilience. Kentucky IPL received one of the 2020 grants to help fund energy efficiency kits for this program.

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