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Energy Audits & Consulting

Whether your faith community is looking to have an audit of their house or worship, start a community garden, install renewable energy or considering another type of creation care project we can help.  Kentucky IPL has over a decade of experience helping communities of faith design and implement creation care initiatives.  Whatever your creation care goals are we can help you achieve them.​

Email to schedule a service or to ask a question.

Creation Care Self-Audit

Cost: Free 

This guide will lead you through the steps and help you decide what you should do first. The changes that you make will save you energy and money at the same time you are helping to protect Creation. This guide is not a replacement for a full energy audit by a qualified professional. A professional energy audit will utilize special tools that can see air leaks and find spots that need insulation. But if you are not yet ready to do a professional energy audit, a small group of people can use this guide to take many important steps.


Energy and Sustainability Audit


Cost: $500. Partner Communities may receive a discount.​​


The Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light audit go beyond the norm when reviewing your house of worship’s energy use.  While our audit covers standard energy usage hot-spots such as lighting, heating, cooling, and building envelope we will also review additional sustainability factors at your request.  When trying to get a full picture of your congregation’s impact on creation it can be helpful to look at things like recycling, use of disposables, gardening and composting, low carbon meals, water use, and more.

​Our energy audits can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your house of worship.  Over thirty faith communities in Kentucky have received a Kentucky IPL Energy and Sustainability Audit to date.


​While having low energy use is critical for a healthy planet (as well as a healthy budget) caring for creation can go far beyond the bottom line.  Your faith community can exercise better creation care in a number of ways and our audit can help you get there.

Louisville Climate Action Network Audit


Cost: Varies. Partner Communities may receive a discount.​​


Kentucky IPL is partnering with the Louisville Climate Action Network to promote in-depth, personalized audits that are tailored to fit the specific needs of your house of worship. The price is dependant upon building size and age. 


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