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Become a Partner Community

Addressing climate change and environmental sustainability is not the task of one organization or one congregation. We are all in this together and we need each other if we are going to be effective and impactful. Help us build the movement to save our environment.

By becoming a Kentucky IPL partner, your organization will be connected to a supportive, statewide network of Kentuckians of many backgrounds and faiths seeking to care for our planet. Your organization will have access to the latest news, information, opportunities, and programs from Kentucky IPL. Partner organizations can be faith communities, groups within faith communities (ie, green teams) and other non-profits with Creation-care centric missions. When you are ready to become a partner community, please fill out this form.

There are two parts to becoming a partner community: agreeing to the Covenant and making a Financial Commitment.




Kentucky IPL Responsibilities

Kentucky IPL agrees to support the partner community by:

  1. Offering green leader support to help the liaison(s) start a green team (if they don’t have one already).

  2. Connecting the liaison(s) to other green leaders in the local area and across the state through a listserv and conference calls.

  3. Connecting the liaison person or group to organizations that are helpful resources for greening projects in their congregations or communities.

  4. Helping to arrange events, such as a guest speaker on caring for Creation for a service and/or special event, or a film screening about caring for Creation, the environment, sustainability, or climate change.

  5. Sharing your stories, concerns, talents, events, and challenges that fall at the intersection of faith, religion, environment, and climate with others in the Kentucky IPL and the broader community.

  6. Providing spiritually/religiously-motivated resources around your faith tradition’s practices as they relate to Creation care, sustainability, and environmental impact.

Partner Responsibilities

As a partner organization/group, you agree to:

  1. Contribute annually to Kentucky IPL at one of the partnership levels defined below.

  2. Appoint one or more liaisons (such as a green team leader, Trustee, Deacon, committee member, or member of the property committee) who will receive communications and will be responsible for communicating Kentucky IPL events, programs, and resources with your community/organization/group.

  3. Engage with Kentucky IPL’s education and advocacy efforts annually, which may include energy efficiency workshops, film screenings, congregational/community greening campaigns or projects, and meetings with decision-makers on the moral call to care for Creation.

  4. As possible, provide additional financial support for Kentucky IPL’s work to assist congregations and communities like yours. Some ideas include:

    • Holding a special collection once a year during services (such as on Earth Day) .

    • Host a special event (e.g. workshop, house party, speaker series, film screening, green sermon/khutbah) and take up a collection.

    • If your congregation or community has a mission budget, consider including Kentucky IPL.

Financial Commitment

Financial Commitment

There are four levels of financial engagement for partner communities:

  • Green Spirit $100

  • Earth Steward $300

  • Creation Keeper $500

  • Sacred Circle $1,000


Pick the one that is right for your congregation/faith community. Once you have selected a level of financial engagement, you can send a check to the address below, or make an online donation.

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