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Every faith tradition shares a common vein of “love thy neighbor.” While this sense of stewardship is often expressed in faith communities by ensuring that our neighbors have enough to eat, clothes for warmth and access to healthcare it also requires that people have homes where they breathe clean air, drink safe water and are able to live on land free from pollution.  In short, people of faith have a moral obligation to care for others by caring for the planet they live on.  Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light engages faith communities in Earth-stewardship to create a more just world for all and provide a healthy future for our children and grandchildren.


Since our inception in 2007, Kentucky IPL has been carrying out its mission to mobilize a religious response to climate change. We work towards that mission by providing both educational and hands-on programs to Kentucky’s faith communities that raise awareness of the ways in which our current energy system and consumption economy impact the health of the planet and its people. Our goal is to both inform our members of the ways in which degradation is happening to our land, air and water and provide opportunities for direct action.

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