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Green Line

Kentucky IPL Members in Action - 

Jerry 1

Jerry Cappel - Church of the Ascension, Frankfort

Jerry is an ordained Episcopal priest serving at the Church of the Ascension in Frankfort, Kentucky and has been actively involved with Kentucky IPL and the movement of creation care.  He has served on the the Board of Directors at KIPL since 2007 and puts his faith into action by participating in events like the Kippie Awards and riding the KIPL buses to I Love Mountains Day.

Jerry expresses his passion for both faith and planet comes through Restoring Right Relations as Thomas Berry expresses in his ideas of The Great Turning.  Jerry believes that learning to care for creation “is what the human community on earth will need to undergo if we are to make the necessary change to restore ourselves and the planet to  sustainable level of natural harmony and balance.”


Morvey 2Morvey Manshadi - Baha’is of Louisville

In February of  2010, Morvey was read a letter from the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States regarding the newly established Seven Year Plan of Action on Climate Change.  The words she heard moved her and led her to explore the ways in which she could be a better steward of the planet.   Her journey has helped her to embrace “the truth that all things are interdependent and that man is organic with nature.”

Morvey has become very involved with Kentucky IPL throughout her wake-up story.  She contributes her time regularly to volunteer at Kentucky IPL events as well as gleaning for the Harvesting Hands program.  In her own faith community Morvey has started an Environmental Awareness Committee where she continues to engage and educate the Baha’is of Louisville on Climate Change and environmental preservation.

You can read more about Morvey’s journey on her blog “Fulfilling Faith: Crossing the Bridge Between Spirituality and Sustainability, which has been circulated throughout the national Interfaith Power and Light community.


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