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Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light is an affiliate of the Regeneration Project


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Speakers and Workshops

Kentucky IPL’s network of creation care leaders offers a range of educational presentations focused around issues of creation care.

Speaking and film discussion fees:

  • Kentucky IPL member congregations receive one free event every year.  Additional programming is $25 an hour.

  • Programming for non-member congregations is $50 an hour.

Workshop fees:

  • All workshops are priced individually

Email info@kentuckyipl.org to schedule a presentation or workshop.




Dr. Kate Bulinski, Bellarmine University


Dr. Kate Bulinski, is an associate professor of geosciences in the School of Environmental Studies at Bellarmine University and serves as President for the Kentucky IPL board of directors.  Besides teaching courses in geology and paleontology, she conducts research in topics related to paleoecology and science education.   Most importantly,Kate enjoys working closely with the environmental science and studies majors at Bellarmine to help them gain the skills they need to pursue employment or graduate school opportunities. 

  • Dispelling Misconceptions: The Science of Climate Change

  • Climate Change in Deep Time: What the Past Can Tell Us About the Present Ecological Crisis

  • Environmental Injustice: A Call for Creation Care in Our Own Community

Rev. Jerry Cappel, The Episcopal Church

Rev. Cappel is an ordained Episcopal priest currently serving as the Environmental Network Coordinator for Province IV of The Episcopal Church.  Jerry’s interests are in adult education, ecology and faith. Rev. Cappel has a Ph.D. in religious education and over twenty years of experience in corporate training and development.

Jerry serves as a member of the Advisory Council on the Stewardship of Creation for The Episcopal Church and is

a fellow with the Center for Religion and the Environment at the University of the South and with GreenFaith.  He is a graduate of Harding Graduate School of Religion (M.Div.) in Memphis, TN, and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY (Ph.D.).  He has worked as an author and editor of youth and adult education materials for Smyth & Helwys Publishing in Macon, GA and Church Publishing in New York.

  • Deep Green Church: Helping the Christian Church Make Connections Between Worship, Prayer, Faith and the Environmental Crisis

  • Deep Green Faith: Helping Individuals Make Connections Between Their Life of Faith and Life on Earth

  • Opening the Book of Nature: Introduction to a Natural Contemplative Prayer Practice and Learning from Nature

  • The Bishops Speak: Words of Faith and Resolution from Church Leaders on the Environmental Crisis and the Life of Faith

Tim Darst, Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light


Tim is the founder of Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light and has served as executive director since the organization’s inception in 2007.  

Tim and his wife live in a solar-powered house, grow a lot of their own food and are regular bicycle and bus commuters.

He is active with Project Warm, the Food Literacy Project, the University of Louisville Sustainable Operations Committee, GRASS, St. William’s Church Environmental Concerns Committee, and the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center.

  • Faith and Climate Change: Practical and Easy First Steps to Better Care for Creation 

  • Building Awareness of Environmental Justice: The Causes and Effects of EJ Both Regionally and Globally

  • Solar for Your Congregation: Understanding if Solar Makes Sense for Your House of Worship

  • Food and Faith: Making the Connection Between the Way We Eat and the Impact Our Food Systems Have On the Planet

  • Local Environmental Issues: Seeing Issues of Environmental Injustice in Your Area

  • Laudato Si′: Exploring Pope Fancis’ Ideas for a New Way Forward in Our Relationship to Creation

Creation Care Film Screenings


Our film screenings cover a wide range of creation care topics that can be specifically tailored to a movie or issue that fits your congregations interests.   Screenings are followed by an engaging discussion that is designed and led by a Kentucky IPL staff member.  A list of our currently available movies can be provided upon request.  Not seeing the movie that you would like screened?  Just let us know and we will get a copy to present.






This Old House of Worship​

Fee: $400

“This Old House or Worship” is an in-depth informational workshop focused on connecting your faith community to professionals that can offer insight into how your house of worship can be more energy efficient.    We will facilitate a cross-discipline panel of experts at your congregation to share knowledge and answer specific questions regarding energy efficiency ideas and best-practices. Panelists can cover a range of topics including boiler efficiency, lighting systems, solar installations, zone heating and cooling, building envelop and more.

Solar Tour

Fee: $200 – $400 without transportation. $350 – $550 with transportation.

Solar installations are becoming one of the most common ways for faith communities to care for creation.  The Solar Tour is an opportunity for your congregation to see first-hand how homes, businesses and houses of worship in your area are utilizing the power of the sun to improve their bottom-line and reduce their energy impact.  Tours can accommodate any size group.

Care for Creation Tour

Fee: $200 – $400 without transportation. $350 – $550 with transportation.

The ways that communities are caring for creation are more diverse today than they ever have been.  Our Care for Creation tour is tailored specifically to your area to explore the many sustainability projects that faith-based and secular communities have undertaken.  Some examples of things the tour may include are: electric vehicle charging stations, solar arrays, community gardens, LEED constructed buildings, semi-pervious pavement, wetlands restoration and many more.  The specific content of the tour will be determined by your location.