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Kentucky Interfaith Power & Light Book Club

KIPL invites interested individuals and partner communities to join our new book club! The plan is to read two books per year, and host a Zoom discussion on each book. You are welcome to read along on your own, or to invite others in your faith community to join you! All participants are invited to the concluding discussion (dates TBD). 

The first book we have chosen is Lyanda Lynn Haupt’s Rooted: Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature, and Spirit (available anywhere you get books, including the library!). 

Why this book? One of the key obstacles to motivating a robust human response to ecological crisis is the familiar feeling that we are separate from nature. Part of this feeling stems from dualistic understandings of spirit and matter, humans and animals, even religion and science. Other factors include our habits of life. What we do on a daily basis, the amount of attention we give to technology and consumption, our estranged relationship with the soil in which our food grows: these and other habits are practices of alienation. As Lyanda Lynn Haupt writes, “In countless ways, modern culture and urban habits contrive to separate us from our indwelling earthen intelligence.” 

Haupt’s book is a response to these forms of separation. In it you will find passionate and creative descriptions of just how integrated we are with our physical surroundings, and practical ways to work on our relationship with the living world around us. Filled with the wisdom of modern science and ancient mystics alike, Rooted will have you looking at your fellow creatures with newfound delight and gratitude. 

Tell us if you’re interested in reading along by emailing!

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