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Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light is an affiliate of the Regeneration Project


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Start a Green Team at Your Congregation 


Fee: $250


One of the best first steps your faith community can take to better care for creation is forming a Green Team.  Creation care work can be difficult and even lonely when done by yourself.  Have a small group of like-minded people engaged in the same work will keep sustainability projects healthy and well cared for.  A Green Team also provides and important outlet for sustainable creativity for the other “Green Sheep” in your community.


Furthermore, having a Green Team will provide additional voices in your congregation when advocating to the entire community for a new green project.

Not sure how to get a Green Team started? Let us help! Kentucky IPL has helped dozens of Kentucky faith communities begin and energize Green Teams.  With our Green Team service you will have KIPL with you to help provide promotional materials that will create an enthusiasm for the formation of a Green Team in the members of your congregation.  In addition to this outreach, we will attend your first ten Green Team meeting to help facilitate and provide direction for your first creation care initiatives.