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Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light is an affiliate of the Regeneration Project


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Solar Services


Installing solar energy is becoming one of the most effective ways that faith communities are showing a commitment to caring for creation.  Kentucky IPL has consulted with dozens of congregations about the possibility of adding solar to their houses or worship and has been directly involved in solar installations for seven faith communities.

Besides being a good investment, solar is a great way to reduce your congregations impact on God’s creation.  By installing solar, your congregation is being a good witness to the community demonstrating what it means to be a good steward.  Thousands of houses of worship around the country and 16 faith communities in Kentucky have installed solar panels.


If you or your congregation want to get started with solar we have a variety of services to help you along the way:


Email info@kentuckyipl.org to schedule a service or to ask a question.


List of Services


2Kw for $5K (Renewed for 2020!)

We are pleased to share that we have renewed our 2Kw for $5k program for 2020!  Through this program, your faith community can get a 2 Kilowatt solar array for $5,000.  While this array is not large, installing smaller arrays over time can be much easier for a congregation to implement.  A 2KW (2,000 watt) solar array installed in Kentucky that lays flat on a roof can produce from 2,562 to 2,823 kWh of electricity per year and save $242 annually.  That means that this $5,000 system will generate about $12,000 of electricity in its 50-year life. That’s about a 5% return on your money!


For more information or if your congregation might be interested in participating in this program, fill out this form.


Creation Care Consulting




  • Consulting for non-members is $25 an hour.

  • Kentucky IPL member congregations receive two hours of free consulting services a year.  Additional consulting is $25 an hour.


If you or your faith community are considering the possibility of a solar installation on your house of worship but are unsure about what questions to ask then our Creation Care Consulting services can help.  Through our consulting we will advise your community of faith about the many benefits of installing a solar array and will answer any questions you have.  We will also discuss associated costs, grants and funding opportunities as well as connect you to local solar installers that have worked on projects with other communities of faith.


Solar for Your Congregation Presentation




  • Kentucky IPL member congregations receive one free event every year.  Additional programming is $25 an hour.

  • Programming for non-members is $25 an hour.


Solar for Your Congregation includes all the nuts-and-bolts information a congregation needs to make an informed decision about the possibility of a solar installation on their campus.  This presentation will cover the basics of generation, the environmental and financial benefits, expected payback and financing options that currently exist for faith communities interested in installing solar.  The presentation also reviews several examples of solar arrays that have been installed by faith communities around the state.


Solar for Your Congregation is a great stand-alone event for building creation care awareness but it is also an excellent tool for engaging your entire congregation and building community support when considering the benefits of a solar installation on your house of worship.


Solar Tour




  • $200 – $400 without transportation. $350 – $550 with transportation.


Solar installations are becoming one of the most common ways for faith communities to care for creation.  The Solar Tour is an opportunity for your congregation to see first-hand how homes, businesses and houses of worship in your area are utilizing the power of the sun to improve their bottom-line and reduce their energy impact.  Tours can accommodate any size group.