Making the Connection Between Ecology and Theology for all Faith Traditions.

Healthy Future for Our Kids

climate kids editWould you like an opportunity to have an discussion with your faith community about how stewardship of the planet can inform your faith?


You can start that conversation today with a Healthy Future for Our Kids Presentation.  Healthy Future for Our Kids is a new campaign dedicated to educating and committing to action your community and other faith communities across Kentucky on issues of environment and human health.

Our goal is protect the health of our children by mobilizing both secular and faith communities in affected areas to engage in actions designed to affect policy change as related to both the development of renewable energy sources and the regulation of pollution from fossil fuel use.

Your congregation will experience many opportunities and benefits when you schedule a Healthy Future for Our Kids presentation:

Start a Green Team at your congregation or re energize the one you have

Provide current and relevant information to your congregants on the health impacts of poor air quality

 – Explore a moral calling to sustainable stewardship

Find opportunities for direct action both inside your faith community and on a state legislative level

Dozens of congregations have already experienced a Healthy Future for Our Kids presentation and through this program over 1,400 faith communities members have become better prepared to care for creation. Engage your community today and contact Kentucky IPL today.

To learn more information about this program or to schedule an event in your community contact Tim Darst by email at tim @ or by calling 502-210-8920.