Making the Connection Between Ecology and Theology for all Faith Traditions.

KentuSide Bannercky IPL’s Adamah Project aims to bring about real change in the way we live our lives so as to better care for God’s creation. We do this by partnering with local non profits and businesses to engage the community in projects that will transition us to a more sustainable way of life.

The word adamah is a Hebrew word translating to soil or earth. Like the connection between humus and human adamah reminds us that we came from the planet and are called to be its stewards.

The Adamah Project focuses on bringing about change in communities through hands-on creation care actions.  Projects can vary in style, content and scope.  So far The Adamah Project has found opportunities to care for the planet by:

– Removing invasive plant species from Kentucky wooded areas

– Cleaning solar panels on the roofs of houses of worship

– Picking up litter in neighborhoods and then finding ways to recycle or reuse the litter

If you or your faith community are interested in engaging in an Adamah Project work day please contact Kentucky IPL at or by calling 502-210-8920.